Save energy. Save money. Go a little greener. Do it all with Energy Wise Rewards.

Energy Wise Rewards for Business is a voluntary peak-energy management program for businesses, nonprofits, congregations, and other commercial customers located in Maryland. The program manages peak-energy demand by cycling off and on central air conditioners and heat pumps during times of peak electricity use, typically June through September. In turn, you receive a web-programmable thermostat or an outdoor switch at no charge, and credits off your electricity bills for participating.

The demand for electricity in Maryland is rising. Energy Wise Rewards manages peak-energy demand and reduces the need for costly, new electrical infrastructure. Choosing to participate in Energy Wise Rewards benefits your business, your community, and our environment.

Enroll now and choose a web-programmable thermostat or an outdoor switch. Pepco will provide and install either device at no charge – a capital asset for your business. You’ll receive a one-time Installation Credit, and Annual Reward Credits on your June through October bills each year you participate. Don’t miss this opportunity to save automatically off your bottom line.


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